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Exaltatum Pergola

I thoroughly tested Exaltatum perfumes only a month ago and four perfumes of this exquisite and rather new house left me deeply impressed. While I was testing Osmanthus Nobile (2018.), Ruby Wood (2018.), Pergola (2018.) and Mimosa Gold (December 2019.), Exaltatum launched the fifth member of the collection: St. Pauls (2020.).
I wondered should I start my thorough overview of the Exaltatum with the review of Pergola or the magnificent chocolate-coffee-incense-rose Ruby Wood, as I am equally overwhelmed by both. Then, unexpectedly, smitten by the layers of green I spontaneously uttered Lorca...
Verde que te quiero verde
... so Pergola it is.

There are pergolas of all sizes and kinds: wisteria pergolas, the most common kind in the Mediterranean is grapevines pergola, I've sat under a kiwi pergola, too... In fact, every climbing plant will naturally embrace and wrap itself around this essentially simple human-made structure.

From the simplest ones to the symbols of architectural magni…

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