Hermes - Twilly Eau Poivrée

Let's have a disclosure at the very beginning: I have a soft spot for Hermès. I loved Ellena's Hermès, I love some earlier Hermès perfumes, love some of the alterations to Hermès concept Christine Nagel has done so far. I'm trying to keep an open mind to every change, and when the Hermès is in question, I'm curious to find out where the changes lead.

The rose in Eau Poivrée shed a different light to tuberose in Twilly and led me to think about the idea and the concept behind both perfumes.

Among many reasons why I have a soft spot for Hermès, one is a diversity of ideas or concepts behind the collections:
Behind Jardins line is the idea of garden or "nature with human intervention". This frame is supported with existing toponym and material motif of "water". Jardins line is Jean-Claude Ellena's baby and though Christine Nagel followed the family concept, with Un Jardin Sur la Lagune she made a twist from "the spirit of the garden" to &…

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