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Olibere parfums: Chemical Love (2018.)

Wordless eloquence of perfumes empowers me to scream other ways whispering protests: in times like this, I douse myself in loud, extroverted perfume character to create a cloud of penetrating directness before stepping out in the world.
Or only in the other room, given the circumstances.

"Hit me!", says bitter orange, joined in the opening accord with cocaine aroma: quite bitter and piercing, but so am I.

Chemical Love Maison Olibere (Luca Maffei, 2018.) is my scent of the day.

Chemical love is overwhelming and deep, creamy appealing and coldly distanced, truly somehow artificial in a most refined expressive way.  It reminded me of 1970ies hair buns - sculptured to be big, firm, high, artificial, dominant, sophisticated.
But, it also brought to mind the fragile side of the women who wore them: hours at a hairstylist.
Sleep protection for the ultimate hair-presentation of self-discipline and endurance:
The world can fall apart, but the bun will stay on.

That's Chemical lov…

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